week twentyfive: abigail for a while

abigail for a while

you remind me of seventeen
the lot where the snow drifted high
you remind me of deer season stillness
your father out late every night

you remind me of tiny fires
cold hands in loose tobacco
leaning in close to block the wind
you remind me of first match glow

i’ll believe in anything for a while

you told me the lake isn’t going to freeze this year
we stood at the edge of the ice
i said even the geese don’t want to come way out here
you said the souls of young bodies are light

you remind me of an orange hat
smelling like sweat and cold air
you remind me of the shots fired
way off in the woods somewhere

i’ll believe in anything for a while

somebody’s calling you abigail
and for a while so was i
somebody’s calling you abbie girl
you remind me of well spent time