week twentysix: '86 grand marquis

video cover photo by shaw photography co.

'86 grand marquis

“He sat in the diner and ate a big plate of huevos rancheros and drank coffee and watched the gray fields pass beyond the wet glass and in his new boots and shirt he began to feel better than he’d felt in a long time and the weight on his heart had begun to lift and he repeated what his father once told him, that scared money cant win and a worried man cant love.”
― Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses

i got a memory of blood
i don’t remember whose it was
black and shining on the leaves
moon rising through the trees
somebody lying in the mud

that was a hammer coming down
my father found another town
i didn't know my brother's name
i didn't know my mother drank
i didn’t know but i know now

i know a key and gasoline
can make a spark in the machine
and we could drive all night
and never find the other side
and get a lot of what we need

my lady put a lot of weight on the pedal
riding home in the light of the stars
we knew good love and we knew it cause we never called it ours
we keep it running in the dark

we bought a car without a title
and we made a thousand miles
before the engine block broke
on a dark and empty road
we had to stay there for a while

she read a chapter out to me
lying in the backseat
about a boy who stole a horse
and then went back to steal some more
and gave his body to the weeds

everybody’s gambling
and scared money don’t win
and scared hearts don’t love
so we made a good run
and i don’t mind the shape i’m in 

my lady put a lot of weight on the pedal...
my lady put a lot of weight on the pedal...