week twentyeight: piscataqua river bridge

piscataqua river bridge 

turtle wax the hood it shines
cadillac car with a kid inside
paying at the counter while he’s looking at his phone

cardboard cutout scented pine
smoking in the car mama i don’t mind
i don’t mind no medicine

i was cared for son as good as anyone

seacoast bound i95
hanging out the window with your arms up high in the wind
falling snow in the lights on the river bridge

starter jacket red and gold
walking by the railing on the side of the road goddamn
you said fuck the washington redskins man

big rig driver eddie baggs
came across a jumper and he pulled her back it’s true
i saw it this morning in the bangor daily news

and i'm hoping son i'd fall for anyone

i'm hoping son you'd fall for anyone