Week Four: "Gone (pt.2)"

gone (pt.2) 
by max garcía conover 

she said honey you're like a bird
you're always leaving for where you just were

we could paint floorboards and shake the dust
give away everything that's not something to us

and this summer we could plant sugarcane
just for the smell in the air when it rains

i'll be gone too long, i know

you wrote about a weird little kid
who dreamt of living in michigan

and he wore a fur coat all summer long
never left and was always gone

i'll be gone too long , i know

i don't expect you to wait

but i don't want to leave
i'm not a rambling man
i've got no interest in trains
i'm fine where i am

i believe in digging in
i think that's hard enough
i could make us a home
build a fire in our stove when you're waking up

but i'll be gone too long