Week Seven: "As Much A Rising Sun As A Setting One (pt.2)"

as much a rising sun as a setting one (pt.2)
by max garcía conover

princess you're not answering the letters i've been leaving on your doorsteps
i said "the sun will shine on me" 
she said "it hasn't yet"

wasn't this supposed to be temporary just to pay the bills a bit
i said "the sun will shine on me"
she said "it hasn't yet"

but the sun comes up over all of us doesn't it

in new sweden there's a man i know
who makes his money working for rich folks
and he says "the sun only shines on them"

he worked jobs he says he won't work anymore
he broke his back working at his father's store
and for what
the sun never came out once

even though we ain't got money
i'm so in love with you honey

and the sun will shine on us
i swear it's coming

in the morning when i rise
you bring a tear of joy to my eyes

the streets will be lined
with the yellow moose signs
and the snow covered pines
you and i will be fine
where the water is wine
where the sun shines

in new sweden there's a man i know
who died on sunday
he was 32 years old
and i won't wait for the sun anymore

here i go