Week Nine: Eddie's Wine

eddie's wine

i have used all my goodbyes
the forest shines at night with high and hungry sounds
you don't have to stay forever but don't go leaving me now

my friend where would you go
everyone i know talks of leaving sometimes
but leaving is reductive and eddie brought this bucket full of wine

he's preaching to an audience of stars
he says we'll always be exactly where we are
and over time we find the better parts

they discovered some new kind
and they built a new horizon just to satisfy their greed
but there's no amount of running that'll get them where they think they want to be

eddie grows grapes on the vines
you can smell them up in westfield when the wind is blowing right
they're small and they are bitter and they make for good shitkicker wine

he's lying on the roof of his car
he says you'll always be exactly what you are
so why don't you try to find the better parts

he tells it to an audience of stars
you can go around this world and still be where you are
this syllabus is just a list of foods that make you starve
and if you let it save your soul it's going to break your heart
cause when the movie ends you still be sitting in the dark
all you can do is find the better parts