week seventeen: oh i

oh i

summer of 2005
oh i had a lot of time
and just to get back to you
i swam to the canadian side

flickering like gasoline
hovering on lake erie
but if the gold was gold to you
honey then the gold was gold to me

oh i never got that far oh i

wore my shoes a thousand miles
going in and out of style
they took me through the endlessness
and kept me on my feet for a while

they had a lot of holes i guess
i had a little hopelessness
and if you went and found another
honey that was probably for the best

oh i never got that far oh 

i saw the moon come around
and the morning dew coming down
and i saw a little fox
tear a baby rabbit from the ground

i thought that wasted time
was worse than any other kind
but if the fox has something in the morning
in the evening he’ll be fine

oh i never got that far oh i