week forty: coyote pass

(a coyote poem)

coyote pass

where have you been
my heart my home my bones my oldest friend

i went to the coyote passing
the wind raging and crying and laughing
my lungs were trees the air came through
i thought i could live there and die there too
but where were you

where did you go
my friend my love my trust my favorite home

i went where the trees were creaking
the dirt floor was warm and bleeding
the wire fence was tight and true
it caught my skin when i went through
so where were you

i went where the sumac stood
fern soft in the gun crack woods
yellow eyes of the north coyote
she was standing still and she was thin and alone
i saw the hunter i saw him shoot
i saw her fall and she saw me too
now where were you
where were you
where were you