week seventyone: home pt. 2

home pt. 2

i wanted to stay
she was asking me how i had nothing to say

i know now
she needed me then
and my silence was violent and her smile was bent

show me the shattercane weeds
the cabin with kerosene heat
summer storms that would rock us to sleep
that have rocked us to sleep
show me something i can see

we were twenty  
watching movies in bed
we were chasing our ghosts every time we undressed

i remember
when a song saved our lives
we unmade the mattress and dragged it outside

and the night sky was all we could see
and the stars were like rosemary leaves
where’d you go when you said you got free
where were you
where were we
show me something i can see

i needed her too
when trust was a door i could never walk through

i know now
to love something else
you have to believe you can be loved yourself

so show me some towering oak
with branches that start way down low
i asked if she ever went home
do you ever go home
my love she said you’re alright
you’re a sleepwalker so am i  
and we’re almost where we dreamt we’d be
show me